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Nov 19 2008

News Flash: Al Qaeda Really Mean!

Now they’ve done it!

In a new video, purportedly of Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda used racially charged language to attack President-elect Obama — they called him a “house slave” (or a “house Negro“, depending on your translation).

Plus, they called him a bad Muslim.

This is going to have a seismic effect among the American Left.  It’s one thing to murder thousands of innocent Americans in their offices, or blow up American troops, or terrorize Iraqi civilians, or release videos of savage beheadings of relief workers and truck drivers, or urge Muslims worldwide to attack the United States and its interests.

But to use openly racist language?  Against the Democratic President-elect?

Now that’s just going too far!!!

It’s as if no one really got that these guys were bad news until they started couching their attacks in the syntax that domestic pressure groups want to be attacked in (i.e. “all our critics are racists!”).  Then, suddenly it’s “now, just a darn minute there, Mohammed – you’re okay when you’re claiming to be oppressed by the Great Satan, but you just watch it with the forbidden words!”

I hereby predict that within hours there will be more visibility given to, and discussion of, this particular Al Qaeda video in the American media than any other one that’s been released in years.  I expect a major part of this will stem from disappointment that the election of Obama did not suddenly make the world love us.

You’d think they’d find a silver lining in this, though — even the United States’ worst enemy admits he’s not a Muslim.

Well, perhaps Al Qaeda left this one a bit ambiguous — they’ve left room for the possibility that Obama used to be a Muslim but has now left the faith.  This creates a bit of an issue, because the four major Sunni and the one major Shia Madh’hab agree that a sane adult male apostate must be executed.

Or, they’ll argue that this is a sign of Al Qaeda’s desperation — since the rest of the world must now love us, given the election results, Al Qaeda’s only doing this to “stay relevant.”

Either way, the American media’s now going to give Al Qaeda a damn good verbal thrashing.

That’ll show them!  They’ll slink away in fear of our righteous disapproval!

Personally, I think a few more Hellfire missiles would help.

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Jan 27 2008

Public Service Marketing = Demonize the White Guy

(Non-humorous screed alert!)

Alright, this one was so damn subtle it almost slipped by me. But not subtle enough!

Currently, there is in at least one East Coast market a radio ad campaign for “Wireless Amber Alerts.” One ad features someone who is obviously supposed to be a police dispatcher making a radio call for an Amber Alert — the abducted child is said to be something like a “six-year-old African American girl.”

The suspect?

A “Caucasian male, 30-35 years old, blue shirt, black jeans, 180 pounds…”.

I’m in favor of the Amber Alert system, and I think the addition of the Wireless Amber Alert text messaging system is a great idea — in fact, I went to the web site to sign up for it.

Then I heard the above radio ad again, a few times.

And I thought, wtf?

Why, exactly, was this particular racial combination (African-American victim; Caucasian suspect/offender) chosen to be the example for the Wireless Amber Alert ad? How often, based on actual statistical evidence, is that particular racial combination of the suspect/offender and victim present?
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