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May 12 2008

Pact With Satan II

Okay, slight modification of the Pact With Satan criteria — here there’s no question of the guy’s talent, but the “eternal youth” side of his Faustian bargain is just so blatant it’s a wonder no one else has called him out about it.

I’m talking about Ted Sorenson, of course. Guy was Jack Kennedy’s speechwriter. Here’s a picture of him back in those days (click on this text).

Now check him out now, with Candidate Obama.

AAaaahhh!!! Serious Dorian Gray action going on here. It’s so clear he’s just bleached his hair a little and changed his glasses. Come on! Does he think the Superman/Clark Kent “disguise” thing works in real life?  The guy is eighty freaking years old! Couple that with Obama’s Svengali-like mastery of cult indoctrination and I’m starting to think diabolical conspiracies.

Okay, maybe I’m just a little jealous. All I’ve been able to achieve so far is a Pact With Stan. Don’t get me wrong, Stan’s a nice neighbor with some cool tools; they’re just not cool enough to sell your soul for….

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Apr 22 2008

Setting Them Off

Oh, lordy. Michelle Malkin reminded me that today is Earth Day.

So with the parade of “environmental” celebrities and presidential candidates justifying their ownership and use of multiple-acre mansions and fuel-guzzling, pollution-belching private jets (including – I kid you not – a private 707 owned by John Travolta) by pointing out that they’re purchasing “carbon offsets,” I did a little investigation of that industry, and then a little thinking, which in my case is a dangerous combination.

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Jan 19 2008

Pact with Satan? You Decide!

It is quite clear to me that there are certain individuals who have achieved a level of financial success, fame or recognition that cannot be explained by their actual level of intelligence, talent, diligence or any general merit — not even luck can explain it. By Occam’s Razor, then, there is only one remaining explanation.

They have formed a Pact with Satan.

Now, I’m not going after the easy targets. But there are a few about whom I have formed personal conclusions, which I occasionally feel the need to share.
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