Sep 10 2010

We Don’t Want 3-D TV Because We Might Have To Watch It

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So, the AP reports that although people who view 3-D television report the experience as being better than they expected, they doubt they would want one because it might interfere with their ability to … not watch TV:

“Aside from the cost of buying 3-D sets at a time the technology is just becoming available, the glasses required to watch them are a major hindrance. Fifty-seven percent of people surveyed cited the glasses as a reason they were not likely to buy a set. Nearly nine in 10 people worry that it will constrain them from multitasking while the TV is on, the survey said.”

So, to sum up, the basic response was “It was better than I expected, but now I want it less than I did before, and I’m worried that if I did buy it I might have to use it.”

In other news, local restaurant patrons complained that the food was bad and the portions were too small….

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